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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A New Little Painting

As promised, a new little painting. This is one is dedicated to all my favourite tea/coffee date people...Maria, Jon, Judit, Mom, Becca, Lisa...there are many.
This painting is a mixed media on canvas and there will be a print of it in the shop shortly. I also wanted to share this cute photo Jonathan took of Hazel the other day...this girlie sure does love her parsley...
Tis' all for today. I will not be posting tomorrow but join me Friday for an update on my brother's latest and greatest tattoos. Be Well and Happy Creating.


Judit Gueth said...

Oh, I'd love to drop by for a nice cup of coffee or tea! :-)

And that picture of Hazel! :-) That is so funny and so cute. Brilliant colours too!

Jonathan said...

I love your little painting. It will need a nice frame now.

ps...I think we should have called Hazel "Parsley". I Guess her name could be "Hazel Parsley Pud Saile-Peterson"