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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A New Shop Print, Rabbit Treats and a Song

Hi everyone, this new print will be added into The Shop today.
It is an old coloured pencil of mine called "Joyful Bird on Birdhouse" and I think the print of this image looks really sharp in square frames such as the one shown above. I hope you enjoy!
Before I get to work for the day let me show you one of our simple pleasures. We enjoy making the bunnies their favorite snacks and treats, which consists of fruits and vegetables we dry in our own dehydrator (we avoid the dried fruits in the stores because most of them have sulfur dioxide in them)...
...This month's batch included apples, oranges and mangoes. I have taken to carrying a little container in my purse full of the same treats, so when we go to the pet store, the store bunny Jax can have some too. He's starting to recognize my bag for as soon as I put it down so I can kneel down to pet him or pick him up, he zooms over and sticks his adorable little head in my bag to look for his treat containers...I just love that. Today I also have to share with you one of my favorite new songs by Emmy Rossum called "Slow Me Down"...Click Here to listen and watch the video on YouTube. It just gives me chills and thrills and is so so beautiful. Actually the whole album is fantastic...very much like Imogen Heap which is another group I just adore. This week my studio has been smelling sooooo's a mixture of the fresh bowl of apples I have sitting out, the cinnamon sticks I just got and scattered throughout the room, the incense sticks that I have grouped together in a jar on my drawing desk and bundles of fresh lavender I just cut from the garden which are hanging all over the room....wonderful...remember it's the little things....with that in mind, go forth and have a full and fantastic day. Love M. XXOO.

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Jonathan said...

What a wonderful spread of dried yummy's for the monsters :-)