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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The PieBird, The Megan Jerome Trio and a New Print

So I start this long post with a new print being offered over at the Etsy Shop.
"Night Time Bird On Fence" is a old coloured pencil of mine and though it's not one of my favorites, some people seem to enjoy it so I thought I'd put it in the shop just in case anyone wants it as a titled and signed archival print.
So I can't go any further this week without mentioning our excellent night last Saturday. We went to "The Piebird Bed & Breakfast" for dinner and a house concert and it was such a superb night. We were not sure what to expect, because though we've been to over 30 B&B's in our travels so far, we've never been to one for dinner, a concert and not to sleep! I feel so enthused and happy about discovering this place and we are quite sure it will be a place we frequent.
(thanks for taking this photo Jonathan)
Yan and Sherry, the hosts were/are wonderful...Sherry met us out on the front porch and warmly invited us to head over to the pasture and garden to meet the rest of the group , Yan and the goats. I must add here that I LOVE goats...for some reason I've always wanted to have one as a pet, so I loved meeting the Piebird goats, watching them happily munch on some freshly cut tree branches and seeing the large roaming space they had. Near the goats pasture is where we first met Yan, and I must say, this lovely man had such a warm and happy smile that reached his eyes and his hand shake was equally as warm and could feel his good energies and I just instantly knew we had found a special place. We all proceeded into the beautiful 1900's house and gathered around a fire (which Jonathan expertly stoked) whiles Sherry finished off dinner preparations. As we all happily waited, we were served tea and coffee and fresh organic carrots with a sunflower seed pate. At first I was honestly uncomfortable, just slightly though I might add, there was just Jonathan and I mixed in with a group of 6 woman on their 'girl's night out' but they all seemed very lovely and included us into the conversation easily. This whole evening was a good reminder of how I do love to meet new people. We were content also however when Sherry and Yan told us that Jonathan and I would be eating in the kitchen with them and the musicians of the evening, Megan and Mike. Firstly the meal was great, Sherry and Yan being vegetarians, offer an all vegetarian experience, with organic ingredients mostly grown right there on site in their garden. The meal was a delight and the company couldn't have been better. Jonathan and I were both so very happy to meet Mike and Megan, warm and talented and funny and excellent people and musicians from Ottawa. Another nice surprise was when we were having our dessert, coffee and tea and a knock at the door introduced a couple from Italy, just 2 weeks new to Canada and also looking for a warm place to rest with a vegetarian meal. So they joined us in the kitchen (I admittedly forget their names!) and well I just loved the atmosphere of the whole place and evening, it was just very open and calm, friendly, and relaxed. After dinner we all cozily squeezed into two rooms to listen to The Megan Jerome Trio...consisting of Megan and Mike (the 3rd of the trio lives in New York) but these two weren't missing anything at all..the concert they gave us was wonderful and so fun and excellent and what I think I would desribe as a folky jazz mix. When I had seen the advertisement for the event in the local paper, the vegetarian meal part is what caught my attention first but then I looked up the band and I listened to just half a song before I was calling and booking our spot for the evening. Click here to listen or here on the cbc3 for more of their music. Jonathan couldn't help but snap a couple shots of Megan and Mike..... I love the 1st one because they are blurred, we just couldn't get a clear shot because whiles they were playing they were swaying and moving to the music as the rest of us were and as one couldn't help doing. I love the 2nd photo because it shows their lovely and friendly natures so well I think. The music was quirky and unique, fun and clear, with sweet lyrics that Meagan writes herself and which are so endearing and funny and neat to listen to because they more often than not hit home with the listener. I should stop here, ha ha...I am by far not explaining their music quite right I am let me just say they were wonderful and we are hoping they come to play in town again soon. In the meantime we plan to buy their two cd's offered here at CD Baby or here on Chapters. (Megan and Mike, it was wonderful and lovely to meet you...we'll defiantly call when we're in Ottawa and we've brainstormed about more venues..Jonathan will email the list soon I am sure.) Yan and Sherry at the Perfect "Piebird" thanks for a great evening and welcoming us in and feeding us a beautiful meal. Everyone check out their very nice site here...just browse around, I am sure you'll be wanting to book your stay soon. Also, Sherry is a nutritional counselor with another business/website called Heal Thy Self, where she offers nutrition counseling but also courses on making the transition to vegetarianism easier, it's a nice site, check that out too. Also today I wanted to mention my friend Liz Lott...she just sent word and is very excited about having her photography used on the front and back covers, as well as several image on the inside of this book. Liz also has a local boutique with some pretty cool stuff and where I am hoping to bring some 'earth-friendly cards in soon. Congrats Liz, you deserve it, your photography is beautiful. That's all for today everyone...Arlie and I will be busy painting the horse tommorow so I am not sure if I'll have time to post or not. If not, then I'll see you all on Monday. Be Well and Happy Creating. XXOO Mandy.

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Jonathan said...

A great evening with Megan, Mike, Yan and Sherry!!

The ride home in the dark a& fog reminded me of travelling across PEI late at little spooky.