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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Popping Down Into My Rabbit Hole

Today I just wanted to share one of my favorite photos I took this summer whiles visiting another artist's studio. I am constantly inspired by other artists, but it's not so much in their artwork that I find inspiration but in their daily practices, tenacity and creative strength to move forward. Some of us are luckier than others but in the end that doesn't matter, if your a true artist your going to create despite the paycheck or outcome at the end. Why? because we creatives have too, it's as simple as that, to make things is just as much a part of us as anything else. Breathing is a natural function for our bodies, and creating is a natural function for our souls. As one season closes and opens up to another I am feeling reflective over the past summer and I can indeed say it's been a wonderful if but a slightly quiet one. And I must admit that I am not 100% happy with the amount of work I got done. I've been too idle and well I am happy winter is on it's way because it's in winter that I usually buckle down and get things moving.
As I traverse many of my favorite blogs and websites, I am struck again and again by how many artists are still feeling un-centered and 'lost' or just in need of a creative break. I myself am feeling quite the opposite these days...I am feeling un-centered in sorts but I know my way back is through diving into my work, I haven't been doing that enough lately...I've been allowing the headaches and migraines and the computer and marketing etc to suck up all my time and well that eats into my creative I am now admitting that I am retreating into my beloved 'rabbit hole' (as my closest friends like to describe it). If I feel lonely, I work on a painting because that painting gives me great company. If I feel tired, than I paint some more because eventually that painting will give me energy. If I have a bad headache then okay I go between painting because it can momentarily take me away from the pain and I visit my heat pack often! Right now, my answer is to just keep things simple; yogify, blog, be cozy at home, cook, clean, take care of my honey and our bunnies and just paint without worrying about each pieces do so is a constant struggle for me but I am determined to get better at it. So yes dear friends, I'am retreating into my beloved little 'rabbit hole' but don't worry, I'll poke my head out again soon...I have a certain number of pieces in mind that I want to accomplish and finish before I re-enter the 'normal' world so visit me here on my beloved blog as I plan to keep posting as usual...yes there is a computer just for blogging down in my rabbit hole, ha ha. Until tomorrow, Be Well and Happy Creating!

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

One can hardly blame you for hinding in your rabbit hole. Who would have thought you could fit so much nice things down there....Besides, winters coming...time to hibernate

Jonathan then ponders to himself, think a 56" tv will fit also?