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Friday, October 17, 2008

Where I am Today & This Weekend

So for all of today and this coming weekend I plan to spend my days and evenings here.... (aside for some hours put into yard clean up and perhaps a movie here and there!).... my cozy little upstairs studio which I share with Hazel and Jinny and which I just rearranged and cleaned. I just really want to dive into some new pieces, some smaller and a couple bigger ones, I've been itching to get to them for awhile now. I am sure to be surrounded by; my honey cooking in the kitchen; The jazz & Sky fm stations playing; the bunnies napping; the sunshine shining; my beloved paints and brushes...I will be cozy, I will be creating and I will be happily being...may you be having a wonderful weekend also...Happy Being and until next week. XXOO Mandy.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

...and what should your beloved cook for you tonight?

I suspect some mushrooms in a garlic wine reduction sauce, encrusted with grilled swiss cheese? :-)