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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend & Much to Celebrate

The past 4 days have been a crazy blur of activity for Jonathan and I. Friday included a mad dash to clean the house for any impending company. An interview which required some studying and caused some stress but went really well. A wedding rehearsal since my honey Jonathan was the Best Man. And the day also included a late rehearsal dinner and party at the wife and husband to be's house. Saturday was started very early with Jonathan doing last minute Best Man chores, including the frenzied decorating of the wedding party vehicles in our driveway and the groom chilling out and relaxing at our house for abit before Jonathan and he began to get ready. Of course they forgot the flowers! so I had to make a mad dash back to the house with just enough time to spare before the ceremony started. The wedding was lovely and as the back up photographer, I was busy as a bee running around taking photos...and photos I did take...almost 1000 of them and I am so so happy with them, I think I got many beautiful and candid shots. So I'll be spending some time this week getting those ready to transfer to discs etc for the bride and groom and immediate family members. So anyhow because of all the best man duties to wrap up, the wedding party ended around 1am but we didn't get back home till 4am and after cleaning up the bunnies not into bed till 5am. But it was an excellent night and lovely wedding and my honey did a fantastic job as best man. I was so touched that regardless of all of the stress, busy-ness and tasks that Jonathan had to worry about over the past couple of days he was such a complete gentleman and took such good care of me, always making sure I was okay and comfortable (which meant extra much since I had a massive migraine all day and all night over the Saturday and Sunday!). Jonathan, you never fail to amaze me. Sunday was the bride and grooms gift opening which was nice because the weather was beautiful and we were all able to sit outside and have our lunch and open the presents out there. Sunday evening included a really nice dinner at my parents with my brother and his family. My mom made us the lovliest and yummiest Thanksgiving dinner vegetarian style, that we've had yet. So as you can see we've been busy so when Monday rolled around we were happy just to stay home, eat, nap and watch a couple movies. Oh did I forget to mention that Saturday was also Jonathan and I's 16th anniversary of being together. People always say 'ohhh that's a long time' but really to me when I think of it, it doesn't seem long at all. So in celebration of our anniversary I thought I'd share these photos...
A beautiful little collection of the teeny weeny tomatoes Jonathan and I grew together....they may be small but they are delicious and there would have been more but every time I went outside with the bunnies I would snack on a handful! Also last week, Jonathan and I spent some time one evening doing some canning together which I just loved, we had fun and were all excited because we've never canned anything before. We just tried small batches for now, if these turn out we'll do bigger batches of more things. Here is our pickled green beans and fresh pured tomatoes....
Today is so beautiful, the wind is strong and full of warmth and celebrate a lovely day where one season is most obviously changing into a new celebrate a day where I plan to open all the doors and windows wide open and let that wind caress the house one last time until next season....Cheers, It was a great summer.
I am taking today off but will indeed be here tomorrow with a new post. Don't forget to vote!

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Jonathan said...

Bijou, thank you for being such a trooper during this weekends events. It was a bit chaotic at times, but we got things done!!

Also, I love this pic. of your little tomatoes...hopefully next year we'll have a proper sized garden.