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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Favourite New Photo

Hi everyone, firstly I wanted to thank everyone who left such wonderful comments about my new wooden dolls. I am working on another batch this week so please do keep your eye open for I'll be putting some into the shop shortly. The past week and for the next couple of weeks I will mostly be concentrating on new Christmas imagery for my greeting card line. For today let me share with you a photo I took recently of a favourite corner in our bedroom...books books books in every room in almost every corner, I can't help it.

I have admittedly been fighting off many smaller headaches over the past week and also some weird infection which is leaving me feeling far from top notch for the past couple of weeks also, so I am looking forward to banishing whatever bug this is and getting back to my normal self. It's difficult to push forward and be 100% creative and productive when your not feeling 100%. So everyday I do accomplish something creative or productive I give myself a pat on the back, an inward smile and I've been letting myself take the evenings off where I would normally get some work done.

Tomorrow I'll show you a new illustration/card design. Thursday I plan to feature my friend Vince Chui and Friday I plan to share with you some shots of the "Shadowy Art for a Shadowy Planet" opening we went to last Saturday. So if any of these things interest you, do tune in.

I also wanted to send out a quick thank you to Susan, who left me a lovely and sweet message recently and I just wanted to say I am so very glad your enjoying my blog and your comment made my day...thank you.

I am off for my bi-weekly tea/lunch date with my friend Becca. I do wish a lovely afternoon for you all as well. Be well, be cozy and be creative. Till tomorrow XXOO Mandy of Bijou's Whimsy.

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Jonathan said...

You know what, I don't understand why more people don't comment on your blog. I spend alot of time reading all kinds of blogs, and it seems people only comment when controversy is invovled or when they have the need to pronouse an opinion. Truely a shame that more people don't take time to simply drop a friendly word, or share similar expereinces.