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Friday, November 7, 2008

Hidden Gem Back Home & A Scroll Saw

My coloured pencil painting "The Hidden Gem" is finally back home to us and we are so happy to have it back. This past weekend Jonathan helped me hang it in our entryway hall and we just both adore it's new home and agree that this one...after 60+ hours and me going cross-eyed twice, ha indeed not for sale.

(And no...the apples aren't just to look beautiful, ha ha, the rabbits and I just eat alot of apples.)

I am also so excited this week to have been given this awesome 18" Dremel Scroll Saw from Jonathan as an early birthday present (yep I'll be 31 on Sunday...yikes and yeah at the same time!) I have some new ideals for pieces and shop items and I really want to keep my business as independent as I can so the fact that I'll be able to cut my own things etc now on my beautiful new Dremel is so exciting.

Jonathan was so funny in his excitement to buy this for me...he said "How many guys get to buy tools for their cool is that..." ha ha. Thanks babe, I LOVE it and was happy to find a place for it in my studio even though I know you'd share your garage. I'll make you something extra special with it...and I am even going to learn how to change my own blades:D

So wish me a relaxing and fun Birthday weekend, I am looking forward to it, especially to the decadent cake I am quite sure my honey will be getting for me....I am sharing it with you all in spirit...Have a great weekend and see you here next week for the reveal of what I've been slaving on all week! Till then, Happy Creating. XXOO Mandy.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

All I'll say is that is a nice piece of kit. The next toy we'll get is a proper bench belt sander :-)

Your carousel picture looks great in the entry way...perfect!