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Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Popping In

Hi Everyone. Today I am just popping in for a quick visit and with a new photograph. The past couple of days have been rough for me, a mixture of a bad, consistent migraine and a flu at the same time just kind of knocked me out of commission there and I fell behind schedule. So I really just want to get myself back onto the treadmill and back to my exercise routine and then to my desk where I plan to ignore the business side of things for a few days and just finish off a couple pictures and begin some other ones.

But for today, here is a recent favourite photo....I LOVE bell jars and whenever I see one I want to buy it, ha ha...but I refrain because well I am simply out of room. Here's a small collection filled with apples which I had arranged on the fireplace mantel (and one of my favourite little hand carved wooden birds and right off to the right side you can see the little glass ladybugs my mom gave me ages ago but which I still adore).

Nothing too exciting today sorry all. I'll see you all here on Monday with new things to show you and hopefully no migraines or headaches or flu-ish-ness! Have a great day and a cozy Friday night.


jen said...

this is such a great idea - i never thought to use fruit! hmm, i'm going to have to incorporate this idea into my decorating - thanks!

Jonathan said...

I think that is one of the first pictures of that wall with the new board treatment on it :-) Looks really good contrasted against your cool clear jars and the colourful apples...