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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Marlie" our Carousel Horse is Complete

Our journey to bring Marlie to life began quite a few weeks ago....just a blank horse, beautifully carved but awaiting it's colour, life and character...
Diligently working alongside a handful of other talented and local carousel painters who were a complete delight to spend time with every week...our carousel horses, one by one came to life...
After a month and a half, the carousel horse that Arlie and I have been working on is pretty much complete. With a suggestion from my friend Maria, we have called it 'Marlie'.
We met at the gallery for pretty much 2 days every week, sometimes 3 to get it done during the carousel art exhibition.
Our time at the Alex Dufresne Gallery and Museum has been a great one. I want to send out a big grateful thanks to Carol and Christine, who welcomed us in warmly every time, fed us and warmed us up with coffee's and hot chocalate, and who forgave us when we destroyed their light grey carpet with a big pool of dark blue oil paint! Thank you so much for giving us a cozy and relaxing place to work on Marlie for the past month and a half. I will miss seeing everyone there every week, I truly will.
The horses are now on their way back to the carvers, to have the manes and tails attached. Then they will go into storage until sprin. In the spring they will receive any necessary touch ups, they will be 'antiqued' and than receive their final coat of varathane.
It has been a spectacular project to be involved with (again) and I am proud to have this 2nd carousel creation done along side my dear friend, mentor and adopted grandpa, Arlington Hoffman. We put much thought, love and good creative energies into these carousel creatures we help bring to life and we are proud that it's part of our legacy to our beloved city, North Bay.
Until we see you again in the spring Marlie, rest peacefully and happily in the creative enjoyment you were made with. And my thanks to Arlie for asking me to be his partner again.
To the beautiful and enchanting art and world of the carousel...may your live on and enchant the world forever...
Until tommorow....Be Well and May you find inspiration in everyday...such as in a carousel:D

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Well it should be obvious to all that you could have a very successfull career painting carosel horses!

Mandy Saile, MCHP (Master Carosel Horse Painter)

Thanks to Arlie for recognizing your talent and bringing you onboard once again :-)