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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mind Games & Tricks For Better Creativity

So as an artist I find that sometimes self-imposed mind games are necessary...especially when your working from the comforts of your own home which is full to the brim with distractions.
One of my new 'mind games' is to take the car whether I need it or not (we only have one) and drop Jonathan off at work bright and early and as I drive myself back home I envision what I want to accomplish that day and I sort of imagine myself driving to my work space, not so much my cozy little abode. Some mornings I really struggle because I do have pretty bad insomnia and I do often have a headache in the mornings but I am trying to keep this routine up as much as possible, it's still abit early to say if this is going to be a successful thing or not but I have hope that it will be.
Another thing I do which I find helpful is to get dressed right away! I just don't seem as energized and I don't feel as professional if I linger about in my p.j's. Plus it's almost a guarantee, if you stay in your p.j's too long, the Canada Post or some delivery guy is bound to knock on the door and it's so embarrassing to hear "Oh I am sorry, did I just wake you up..." at 2 in the afternoon, ha ha! Also another trick I am trying is to wear shoes...I don't know why but I am so much more productive when I have shoes on, than when I am running around the house in slippers or socks
Another thing I do, is I fill my work spaces with linears and drawings and substrates for planned pieces etc...such as my easel here in this's full of boards and paper, each one already has it's predetermined image. So on those days where I just don't feel like working, I can look at my easel for example and say to myself "Hmmm, I really should work because I have alot to accomplish...".

And it helps me to have little reminders to keep pushing past our inner fears and worries...such as this little quote I have taped to my easel...

Another thing I find that helps me along, to work when there feels like there are so many unsurmontable hurdles, are my friends...the close circle I've come to accumlate over the past year has meant so much and these precious people are so supportive and interested in what I am doing. I know when I am meeting with those friends, I want to have new things to show them and to talk about, new ideals to mull over with them, new inspirations to pass along to them...Like yesterday, I had a wonderful coffee date with my kindred spirit Becca and her support and interest and ideals were all readily there for me as always, but in sharing my current plan of attack with her, it made me excited and happy and even more centered and I hope to have advancements to that plan to discuss next time we meet.

Anyhow, this post is long enough. I hope my sharing some of my tips helps you get past any of your creative hurdles today...goodness knows creative people have a myriad of mental hurdles and obstacles but the important thing to remember is that the only real thing stopping us from achieving our dreams is ourselves...I know I know, how sappy and easier said then done, I am in complete agreement...there also needs to be alot of hardwork, alot of good luck, etc.. thrown into the brillant mess and journey! Anyhow, Be Well and Happy Creating.

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Jonathan said...

That saying you have there is right. The only thing that could make you a non-painter, is the lack of painting. I for one love your style...and were our home home filled with your imagery already, I would definitely be making some purchases...