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Friday, November 28, 2008

My Fish Collection

Today I wanted to share with you my collection of fish...I snapped this shot of them last weekend when I had just come in freezing cold from a couple hours in the garage with my honey, I was fumbling with my big bulky winter boots and as I straightened up, I was struck by how perfectly and warmly the evening sun was setting on the fish and I think I actually gasped and said 'Ohhh wow...' before running for my camera. So now whenever I see this photo, I remember that delightful and delicious but fleeting moment of perfect warm happy lighting and it just makes me feel cozy and content all over again.

I don't know what it is with me and fish but I love drawing them and as pictured here I obviously love collecting them! I have a fish wind chime in the kitchen and 3 scattered about outside....much of my imagery includes fish...oh, I can't forget my 8 years old real live goldfish! But really I don't know why I love them so much, perhaps the roundedness about them...and there's something otherwordly, something quiet and calming about them. Rabbits and fish, my two mostly drawn things I think. In our home, it's fish, rabbits and birds scattered about here in there in sculpture, paintings, etc. Anyhow, these fish I've gotten from different places, a couple right here in town, one in Halifax I believe, one in Cape Breton perhaps, I can't really remember but they are ceramic and hand made and shiny and whimsical and I just love them.

So with one of my favourite things shared and by way of a photograph that makes me feel happy and cozy...I wish you all a wonderfully cozy and joyful weekend. Until next kind to yourself and to others and of course...Happy Creating:D. XXOO, Mandy.

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Jonathan said...

That is a really cool shot of the fish!