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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My New Art Card Nook

So, I've had this little corner planned out in my head for awhile now. This little corner is just as you come down the stairs from our main entrance and just before you go through the door into my main studio. This weekend my sweetheart got busy and created this for little itty bitty moi...

We decided to leave the shelves the natural pine to tie in with the other pine features in our home....and yes those are clouds and sky and little ladybugs I painted onto part of our ceiling a couple years ago (as per Jonathan request believe it or not, ha ha...)

...and voila...a perfect and beautiful little nook just for my art cards, hooray...I am so excited to see what was in my head finally come to life and work so perfectly...thanks Jonathan XXOO....

And with that I've shared another little corner of my enchanted little world, thanks for tuning in and join me tomorrow for new inspirations, aspirations, illustrations and creations.


Judit Gueth said...

Wow Jonathan!! What an amazing job! :-) Looks fantastic!

Jonathan said...

Well, hard to believe those were built out of 5 2x4s kicking around the garage :-)

Thanks Judit....they were a bit of work, but it turned out for sure.

Bijou, you deserve a nice place to present your cards and I am glad you like'em. What's next??? :-)