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Monday, November 17, 2008

Shadow Box "Earth Intruders" Completed

I promised last week that I would begin Monday showing you all the finished and assembled Shadow box creation that I made for the gallery's fundraiser. Here it is...
What do you all think? I love it in all honesty. It was alot of work but so much fun and different than anything I've done before. My new birthday scroll saw will come in handy to make more of these dolls and trust me, my brain is in over drive with ideals for more. Keep an eye on the shop as these 3 figures will be available for sale very shortly. (I'll give everyone a heads up for when I plan to put them in the shop).
This project was an important reminder that one must constantly push oneself...only in that do we reach those new creative and fun plateaus.
Until tomorrow, I hope your all having wonderful days and are finding a few minutes each day to let yourselves be creative. Be Well and Happy Creating.


Judit Gueth said...

It's beautiful!

Lisa said...

This has come together beautifully. I Love it.

Jonathan said...

'we are the earth intruders
we are the earth intruders
muddy with twigs and branches..."

You captured the idea perfectly. I have to get into the garage this weekend to whip up some more of the shadow box boxes...can't wait to see what other jewels you create!