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Monday, November 24, 2008

Shadowy ART for a Shadowy Planet

Good Monday everyone. I have quite a few things which I am excited to share with you, but I am trying to pace myself to 'reveal' them slowly over the next couple of weeks instead of all at once, ha ha.
I really wanted to share with you my photos from the Shadowy Art for a Shadowy Planet exhibition/auction. Jonathan and I went to the preview last Saturday and had a good time. There were 30 artist created original's a sampling...
...and of course, as you know by is mine "Earth Intruders".
Let me show you some of my is one by Alex Maeve Campbell. She is now the gallery coordinator (in my old position) and she's doing a great job as far as I can see. Alex had brought me into her office to give me a sneak peek at the other boxes when I went in to drop off mine and I saw this one and said "Ohhh, I love that one..." and she said with a happy smile "Thanks, that one is mine..". Love it when that happens. Another Favourites of mine was actually Alex's dad...the ever cool and amazingly talented world-reknowned potter/sculpture Keith Campbell (check out his website, Keith makes great pottery). I took some classes with Keith and he's also an amazing teacher. He is also a fellow chronic/acute migraine sufferer so it's always nice to chat and complain with him because we know we totally understand what the other is going through. Now, I am against guns (except for law enforcement) but I just loved this box. It is all created from Porcelain I believe, even the gun. I just find it so strong graphically and therefore beautiful. I also really liked the minimalistic colour and of course the craftsmanship.
And I have to show you Arlie's box. Everyone was so thrilled with Arlie's box because it was so very cheeky and such a departure from Arlie's usual work. Whenever someone would see Arlie's name on the tag they'd go "What....I love it..." ha ha...
The guest support artist for this whole exhibition/auction was local artist Betty Sager. I never get tired of looking at Betty's work, she makes these incredible little self-contained worlds, each one so different then the other. I would like to have one of Betty's pieces someday. I had the pleasure of working with Betty abit when I worked at the Gallery and I remember her being a very nice and warm person. Her shadowboxes are so crowded with doo-da's one would just have to wonder where in the world she gets all the teeny tiny stuff. Apparently she has a group of family and friends who help her collect, they find stuff for her in their basements, at thrift stores, at garage sales etc and pass it along to Betty for her collections and art...I'd love to see her studio. I know that Betty lost her son a few years ago...and well I was happy to see all of these new shadowboxes and to see that she is indeed still creating despite her immense loss.
This was my favourite one of Betty's. I think it was called "The Underground Woman". Some thing hit home with me in this piece. The streets above seem abit cold and full of people and bustle, yet ultimately full of nothing-ness...yet below is this sweet and endearing old lady, cozy in her little crowded abode...the place is full of cats, one sleeps on the bed...there is a photo of a boy hanging on the wall (I assume it's her son) ...I just could have looked at this piece for hours and still find something new.
Here is a detail...
So the big auction night was this past Friday. I did not go as I wasn't feeling well but I hear from a few people that it was a great evening. Sales were abit slow apparently but there were a few boxes that harnessed bidding wars and I was happy to hear that mine was indeed one of them. I know that local artist and metal smith Peter Sloan won my box and I really hope he's happy with it. It always strikes me as funny...just when you think you know who likes and who doesn't like your work, someone new pops in the mix, it's a delightful thing.
So with all that shared I must go. A busy week is ahead of me I think. Jonathan and I are unfortunately starting this new week quite tired from the crazy weekend we just had with house/studio projects. As mentioned before, with the increase of snow and lowering temperatures we're in a race against the clock to get projects in the garage done.
Until tomorrow, be well and Happy Creating.


Jonathan said...

There were definately some cool boxes there. For good news, looks like the weather will stay "warm" for the next while, so I can get into the garage and whip off some more shadow boxes for you create more masterpieces!

Judit Gueth said...

Somehow I missed this post, but I'm glad I scrolled down. It looks like such a nice exhibition. Your piece looked great, just bursting with colour! Thanks for posting some other ones as well. I love the porcelain gun and the underground woman shadow boxes.:-)