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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stacks of Goodness and Joy & Missing My Thodan

For a couple hours every weekend, we've been cutting and sanding wood like crazy. Here is a stack which I am allowing to acclimatize to the inside temperature's of the house, which is important to avoid any unseen problems later when it's too late because the wood or board is covered with a lovely painting! Pine blocks and Russian Birch is currently my favourite to work on, especially with acrylic paints and coloured pencil. I walk into the studio and see this beautiful stack and it fills me with joy and excitement. It's important to have a good stack of substrates to get me through the winter. As our winters commonly go between -30 to -40, and with a garage that has no heating...well you can see why we've been frantically getting these stacks of wood prepared and brought into the house. I think I have enough but if we get another blast of warm weather I think I'll take advantage of that and make perhaps another pile or two just to make sure...hmmm perhaps I am being overly ambitious but better that than not, right? ha ha!
Here is another view of my lovelies:D ha ha....

...and as the wood acclimatizes, I have this stack of ready made canvases ready to keep me occupied and happy as well.

If any of you live in a part of the world with such extreme seasonal changes as ours, you'll appreciate all the work and time that goes into preparing for each...

Also today, I can't not mention my Thodan, today will be one whole year that he's been gone and I miss him terribly. Though my heart aches for him abit every single knowing it's been a full year makes the ache little one, if your out there somewhere...I miss you and I love you forever...

That's about it for today. Have a good one and be extra kind to loved ones, to strangers and even more so to all animals. Till tommorow.

On a side note: I am so anxious to see the results of the election. It's been so interesting to follow and well if I could vote, it would be for Obama...I hope the U.S. gets it right...tonight I'll certainly be tuned into the news. I also can't wait to see Religulous, we tune in whenever Bill Maher is on tv and he's just fantastic to listen to. any of my U.S. readers, good luck with the voting, hope the lines aren't too long.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

All I see in my sleep is block of wood, block of wood, block of wood :-)

As for Thondan....we all miss the little guy. Nobody yells at me when I make dinners anymore ;-)