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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Beatrix Potter Beauty

As I sit here on this Monday morning, with my coffee and cheerios (which I also had to share with all four bunnies who are cheerio monsters!), I am in abit of a daze that Christmas is this Thursday and trying not to stress that I am not nearly done all that I intended to get done this holiday season...I am also sitting here wondering what to write to you all about today. I have lots of new pendants to show you but I am sure you'll get abit bored with this blog if every post is just one pendant after another (though they are already starting to sell which has me so happy and excited) so I thought I'd switch it up abit and show you something new but different...and then I thought 'Oh...the cute new tea set...' .
My friend Maria surprised me with this adorable little teeny weeny tea set. It's porcelain and made in Germany and Beatrix Potter and the lovely Maria was right in knowing that I'd love it. Thanks Maria. It's already found a home, safe and sound and away from any little hands or paws!

I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter. I have various biographies on her and I just adored the newest Beatrix Potter movie. The fact that she didn't reach success until her 30's is abit of an inspiration to me...when those mean old voices in the doubtful recesses of my mind decide to come out and taunt me with their ''s too late.'s..' or 'it'll never happen now's' I'll just lift my head and look up at my new gift. Because you see on first glance, this might just be a cute miniature (the tip of my baby finger just fits in the little teacups) sitting on a shelf in my upstairs studio...but oh no it's much more than that to's a visual and easy reminder of one of my inspirations and a gentle yet quick reminder that 'it's never ever ever too late for successes to come to us if we keep trying'.

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Jonathan said...

More buny stuff....can't go wrong with that ;-)