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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Time...Happy Happy Joyful Time...

Good Tuesday all. I have to admit to missing Monday's post because I was too busy refinishing an old desk which I am excited to show you for tomorrows post. For today, I thought we'd celebrate the official beginning of Christmas with a Christmas Illustration I created last year for my greeting card line. It is called "May the Spirit of Christmas Find You"

I have to be realistic and most likely will not be getting the xmas cards or prints in the shop or onto the new website in time for this holiday...but the good news is that there will be a good assortment ready and early for next season!

Admittedly as I get older, Christmas and the holidays takes on alot more melancholy, reflection and naturally some sadness...but I think that luckily and thankfully most of us can feel these things grow and learn from them hopefully and that they only help to lend to an even more wonderful, festive, happy, joyful and appreciated holiday season. I am proud and happy that Jonathan and I are learning to adapt and move ahead more heartily every year despite missing the ones who had to leave us during these months.

I am glad that this year finally we've gotten it through our heads that presents are the last important thing and just being together and perhaps going out skiing together than coming back to our cozy home and settling in with a roaring fire, wine, good food and healthy bunnies will indeed be enough for us this year.

I hope you enjoy my holiday illustration...until tomorrow, be well and happy creating...and happy holidays too.


Judit Gueth said...

That's a really cute illustration! :-)

Jonathan said...

Bijou, life is about making the very best of today, and looking forward to tomorrow. We will adapt, we will thrive, we will live :-)

ps, I promise the beast will come home soon...wink wink.