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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wishing You A Merry Day

Christmas time is usually very busy for me, I like to make alot of stuff for our own household and for family and friends too. Monday night, we finally broke out the xmas tree and ornament boxes and the house is now all sparkly and happy and Christmasy, alittle late this year but better now than never. It's always a trick to have the tree in an optimal spot so that not only Jonathan and I enjoy it but so that Ella-Luna, Roo, Hazel and Jinny get to gaze at it as well.
Yesterday was great it started off with a morning coffee with my mom and then I made my way back home through a snowstorm and for the rest of the day I was cozy inside the house as I spent the day gluing any broken ornaments, sparkling things that need extra sparkle and well just adding little touches to the house that I know we'll all enjoy over the next few weeks. And despite the snow storm the evenings agenda included a girls night out to see "Twilight' at the theatres which I have to admit that I loved. I have never been to a movie where you could literally hear all the girls in the audience, sign or gasp or giggle over how cute and wonderful 'Edward' was, it was quite humourous.
Today, I am just popping in to share this new photo..I just loved how the evening sun was shining on these ornaments hanging from door knobs in the living room. I never get tired of how delicious light can be.

I do want to mention my best friend Judit Gueth today....If you have a few moments, you should Click Here to see her lovely new silk pillows that just came in and which she's very excited about and rightfully so. I love seeing her designs on different things and they suit the pillows very nicely.

I hope to have something new to share with you tommorow...until then, Be Warm, Be Cozy and Be Well.


Judit Gueth said...

Thanks Mandy! :-)

Jonathan said...

Ah the old xmas tree....maybe next year it'll go in the den and a little mini tree can go upstairs...