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Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying Fish Necklace

So over the holidays, I thought I would get alot of jewelry made, but I didn't because I ended up putting all my supplies away in an effort to make my studio spaces look abit neater during the holiday potential visits. I did however have a complete ball over the holiday sketching future Nubbins, I designed 18 new ones and I am over the moon excited about them. I am just hoping the universe and people embrace them as much as I love them! Then we would have a success I believe. But'll see the new nubbins slowly and soon over this next I wanted to show you another necklace I made before the Holiday madness.

A pendant I made with my 'Flying Fish' illustration. This one is sold, but I will be making more of a very similar design very soon and when I do, I'll let you know when a batch of the pendants are going into the Etsy shop.

I haven't been into the Etsy shop for some time, but that's because I've been planning to re haul what's sold in there....this time round I am going to try necklaces and nubbins instead of originals and prints. Perhaps I'll introduce prints back in when I have more 'series' type of work because that seems to be what people are looking for and therefore buying. But I'll rant about this at another more opportune time!

Join me tomorrow where I'll share some of my 2009 plans with you. Be Well and Happy Creating.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

The flying fish. That is the one that Kym purchased...when she saw it, she had to have it.