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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's The Little Moments

Sometimes it's the little moments that are the most brilliant. As I ran to my beloved treadmill this morning, being my stress-relieving time, I felt like I was ready to burst...I had so many things 'bugging' me and so many feelings running around my little heart. I thought I would be running on the treadmill this morning to try to figure some things out...get plans made in my head, etc... But the sun starting to shine in, right on my face which was uncommon because my treadmill is in the darkest room of our basement! I looked up and caught my breath...outside the basement window I could see small sparkly snow falling lightly, it looked like fairy dust, and as the sun beat down brilliantly I watched the snow, so beautifully draped over the barren tree twigs, slowly and bit by bit drip off.

For the next hour I was mesmerized by this simple thing...the sun shining and snow slowly dripping off tree branches with a background of swirling glittering snow...No thoughts or plans needed...after my workout my mind was clearer and I felt was an unexpected and lovely here's what I am feeling today; That it's the Little Moments, the simplicity of an unplanned moment, the beauty of something unguarded and often what we'll find ourselves needing and being nourished by....Until next week, be well.

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Judit Gueth said...

That's a really nice photo Mandy!