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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Sketch of Ella-Luna

I am so pleased to be able to pop in quickly for a post and to tell everyone that our Roo is much much better. It turned out, (through our own diagnosis) that his upper teeth were misaligned badly and we were able to rectify the problem ourselves by grinding the teeth down until they were the proper length and equally flat (I don't however suggest this to other rabbit owners, we had the proper tools and were confident in what we were doing, especially since the vet would only clip the teeth, not grind them and clipping can cause teeth fractures which in turn can lead to an assortment of other troubles). About an hour after doing so, he started eating with his usual gusto.
It never seizes to amaze me, that even after 15 years of owning rabbits, we still face new and challenging illnesses and situations. But even during hairy times like this past one, my heart is so so very full with love for not only our rabbits but all rabbits and how much beauty and significance they bring into our lives.
Thanks to Jonathan, no one but you could care for me or our furry babes like you do, Thanks to our Roo who was his usual strong self and didn't give up, and Thanks to everyone who sent little notes telling us you were thinking of us during our stressful and scary time. All is well now.

If anything a new and lovely routine has happened out of this situation, which is Roo becoming my 'studio bunny'. The basement of our house, which is where most of my studio is, is usually a rabbit-free zone...but whiles Roo wasn't feeling well, aside from bringing him for quick jaunts outside, we'd bring him downstairs because it being a new space made him move around abit more whiles he was sick...and keeping a rabbit moving when they aren't eating is crucial, it helps to keep their system going. Anyhow, he has been nothing but a gentlebun..not chewing a thing, or peeing or pooing anywhere and he's already picked out his favourite spot to lay all stretched out on the studio carpet, he takes off down the hallway and into the den every so often but never fails to come back to his for a couple hours a day now, Roo is down in the studio with me and I must say that I adore having his company.

Whiles Roo was sick, I spent alot of time on the floor with him and his partner Ella-Luna (as I will continue to do for the rest of this week just as a precaution to make sure he's eating his normal amounts). My sketchbook has been my trusty companion and I've been sketching dolls, new clay character, new card designs, new illustrations, alot of series work...but it was nice to switch gears and to just draw for drawing sake so here is a quick sketch I did from a photograph of ours of our Ella-Luna a couple years ago digging under our back deck. Enjoy...I am off to my beloved bunny filled evening...Until tomorrow's post..Happy Creating and Being.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

I love that picture of Ella. It would look good next to the other one on my desk ;-) ;-) ;-)

On the Roo side of things...mental note, go get a super-small grinding bit for the rotary tool.