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Friday, January 23, 2009

...Off Into To the Weekend

So I had a hard day yesterday, actually it's been a hard week with constant migraines, hence the 2nd Avian painting not getting done to show you all yesterday as planned! I've not been in my studio as much I would have liked this week, but health must come first in this new year, so my priority was to tend to my tender head, slightly low spirits because of the constant pain and lots of water and exercise when the throbbing wasn't too bad...So as we head off into another wintery weekend, my wish is a simple pain, perhaps some good skiing, cozy movie nights with roaring fires, happy and fresh-aired sleepy bunnies and yummy foodies...

(Yep, that's Moi...skiing out on the lake the other weekend)

(...and that's my honey, looking oh so great in his ski gear...a friend joked that she was suprised not to see a rabbit or two poking out from the orange backpack, ha ha...)
In the spirit of wishing you all a wonderful weekend, full of goodness and rest...I want to share this link , one of my all time favourite songs 'Stand By Me' but done in a brilliant, beautiful way...give it a whirl as I hope it cheers and squeezes your heart like it did mine.
Happy Weekend to you and meet ya back here next week for more creations and illustration by yours truly. Bijou...


Valerie J Stone said...

Hi Mandy,
I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and check it out each morning with my coffee in hand.
Your illustrations are absolutely "enchanting"! I think your bunnies are très sweet ... we used to have a mini rex "Charlie" but he passed away when my son was 6 (a very sad day).
I too am an artist ... giftware design and model making as my trade …with my own fine art on the side…when I find the time. I was surprised to find out that you too suffer from migraines ... I get the blinding ones followed by pounding pain. I wanted to write to you because I read very recently that CFL lighting (the new spiral kind) has been found in studies to be linked to triggering migraines. Some think this is just hogwash but I never used to have them that frequently, maybe once every 4 years or so. After watching "An Inconvenient Truth" late in 2006, we went out and purchased enough CFL lights to change over our entire household, including my studio lamps which I work under CONSTANTLY ... about 15 hours a day. In January 2008 (one year into switching our lighting) I began having migraines on a regular basis. Horrible!
And of course, it cuts into your work because there’s nothing you can do but turn off your lamps, draw the curtains, put on dark sunglasses and hit the sack until the storm passes. Last week alone I had them for 4 days…cried every time I saw the little “fractals” (I call them) coming into view because I knew what was ahead for the rest of the day.
Anyway, just this week I heard on the radio about the CFL & migraine link. I have since changed my drafting table & computer desk bulbs back to incandescent as well as my bedroom lamps (I like to read before bed) to see of this makes a difference.
You may not even have them in your home, but I thought I’d pass on the knowledge…you never know when it might be of help to someone.
Anyway, sorry to take up so much of your comments space. Please forgive me. Keep up the lovely, lovely artwork.
Oh…and I watched the “Stand By Me” link. It made me cry. Nicest rendition I think I've ever seen.

Jonathan said...

Cozy movie nights, yummy treats, nice fire...not too shabby that's for sure.