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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Special Note For Judit Gueth Design

I know I normally don't post on weekends but I just couldn't let it go past without mentioning my best friend Judit Gueth. Judit is taking part in the TCHFM (Canadian Home Furnishings Market) and the Interior Design Show. The first being this month, Janaury 10-13th.
Here are a few shots of Judit's booth...which she built and created all on her own, no easy feat I assure you, as I watched and heard of the whole affair from afar.

These trade shows are always a massive endeavour and often it takes months prior to the event just to get everything beautiful and ready.

Judit always does a beautiful job and her friends in the frozen Bay are wishing her great success, light and luck. You go girl...ha ha. As always, and not just because she's my lovely and most best friend in the whole world, she's impressed us with her talent and drive.

If we could we'd be popping in to bring her some much needed meals during the long & somewhat grueling show hours...but we're there in spirit, she'll do great, we have no doubts. XXOO.

Photos Courtesy of and Copyrighted to Judit Gueth Design 2009


Judit Gueth said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting these images! :-) The show is definitely tiring, but I'm making very good contacts there. One more day to go!

Jonathan said...

Wow, Judith's booth looks great. (both design and the rugs). I hope that cordless drill came in handy a bit for her.

Judit Gueth said...

Yes, I used it a lot (about 40-50 holes! I though you'd be proud of me. Thanks again for the tool Jon! :-)