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Friday, January 9, 2009

Stuck In Bed With A Back Spasm!

So do you ever have the sneaky suspicion that something out there in the big old universe is against you? or perhaps could it even be self-sabotage? stemming from what?....the same old nasty fears and doubts that quietly nest in the recesses of our minds and hearts and souls until we're just ready to step forward without them...we're just ready to start on new excited plans and hopes and dreams and they decide to poke out their nasty old heads in any nasty form they please, such as a bad back that possible do you think?
Ha ha...I am still very excited for the new year and my new hopes and plans for 2009 as I wrote of yesterday, however for the past two days I've been bed-ridden! My back has completely gone out and the first day it even hurt to this I am ready to jump into a new routine, full of new plans etc and I can't...but I can tomorrow...I am convinced and sure that for whatever reason this inopportune back problem happened, it won't get me off path, off course, off plan or off hope.
I am sure it's not self-sabotage, just really bad timing of on old back ailment that attacks and incapacitates me every few months for a few days. So I am just popping in to tell you why I don't have that new image to show you today...Next week I promise! It's really cute and sure abit holiday-ish but I figure I have another week to wrap the seasonal stuff up.
Bear with me and forgive me as I write this post slightly high on muscle relaxers, propped up in bed, and from a laptop my honey so lovingly set up for me with msn before he headed out to work so he can keep in touch and up to date on my progress through out the day, ha ha.
Until Next Week, Be Well, Have a Wonderful Weekend and Be Gentle to your Backs!!!!

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