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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Studio Visit & My 2009 Words

Firstly, I just had to share these cute and recent photos I took of our sweetie-pie Jin. Usually my downstairs studio is a rabbit-free zone, but sometimes I feel just abit too solitary and needed some furry company so I brought Jin down with me for a few hours. She enjoyed the comfy studio couch and carpet and well it just made my heart happy to turn around and see her cute little self sharing in my beloved studio.
So some of my 2009 plans (and I will no doubt add on endlessly as the year moves forward) but wait, actually let me start with my 2009 words...this year for me, they are "DIVE" & "HEALTH".
'Dive' because I want to let myself, for once, to dive 100% into my work, which for me, involves many things such as; more commitment, less fear, more time, more movement, being more proactive and therefore again less fearful, even more positive thinking...yes, I want to be a possibilatiran, I will dive into whether I am having a bad day or a good day, I will keep a very rigid and strict will in sorts be my own, new tropical island, because goodness knows there's an abundance there to discover and play around with.
"Health" because in this last year I've suffered alot and therefore my work has suffered because simply I can't create whiles I am stuck in bed in a dark room with ice and heat surrounding my poor thrashing head. So as an acute and chronic migraine sufferer, I am realistic and I know there is no cure, only pain management. Doctors don't know what exactly causes migraines, just that it has to do with a slight pressure change in the vein vessel walls. And because I am one of those stubborn people who is mindful of the rest of my bodies health and not just that of my precious head, I refuse to be put on beta-blockers etc..I suffer abit more. Anyhow...I can't fully 'DIVE' into my work unless I get these migraines under control abit more and if at all I say 'HEALTH' because I will concentrate just as fully on relaxing my body and muscles, being kinder to my body. More healthful eating, more eating (I am a bird when it comes to eating!) more water, more yoga, more Pilate's and all whether I feel like it or not. Hopefully sooner than later if I kick all of these things up a few notches I'll notice a difference, have less migraines and therefore be able to dive into my work more successfully.
And though I had plans today to begin a list of my '2009 wants and plans' I am going to end this post here since it's long enough already and I must remain respectful of every one's time, including my own because this new year includes a plan to spend less time on my computer. So we'll leave that list for another post. Until the next post...Happy Creating & indeed Just Being.


Judit Gueth said...

What a sweet picture of Jin. :-)

Jonathan said...

Bijou, I will help you DIVE and be HEALTHY whenever I can!

That picture of the tookey is perfect. Looks like her older sister sometimes, what a cute little monster.