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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

The other day I saw fellow blogger do this "Ten Things You May Not Know About Me" and I really liked the ideal...a fun way for my readers to get abit more inside info about me and my world and here we go...
You May Not Know That...
1. I have been with my honey, Jonathan for 16 years now, we meet in a strawberry field when I was 15 years old and he is my biggest artistic fan and supportor.
2. I can not create without music on...and usually I play it fairly loud...I am somewhat addicted to the stations and the Toronto Jazz Fm.
3. At our bunny journey peak, all at once, we had 6 rabbit and a skinny pig...I miss those days terribly. The house was so full and chaotic and busy and warm and everyday I miss those who had to leave us. Our first bunny was Beanie, than came my first skinny pig Gimmley, than followed our Ella-Luna, then the best skinny pig ever named Thodan, than we found Roo lost in the forest, then came the triplets we saved from a farm Noodle, Jin and Hazel, than came the wondrous muse and beautiful soul in Hobbs whom we found in our backyard with broken you know all of our babies names...Rabbits fill my life, my heart, my soul and my art.
4. I am crazy about books...A home isn't cozy to me unless it is filled with books.
5. I don't eat meat and I am very rigid within our household about only buying cruelty-free products.
6. I think if there is a god on earth it may very well be Peter Gabriel...or atleast look and sound like him, ha ha.
7. My favourite sweets are chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberries dipped in whipped cream and chocolate covered marzipan.
8. My favourite alcohol is Peppermint Schnapps. My favourite non-alcohol is Iced Tea with no ice!
9. I love to dance but my honey doesn't, so I do so alone, crazy style in my studio whenever my little heart pleases.
10. So far I have travelled to Germany, Switzerland, alittle bit in the States in and around Traverse City and Mackinaw Island, A month travelled around the West Coast, A month touring the East Coast, and of course around our beautiful Ontario.
That all for today, until the next post...Happy Creating and Please do pop back in again.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Wow I think I actually knew all of this except that you like peppermint schnapps.
My current favorite song is Peter Gabriel doing a cover of a Vampire Weekend song with Hot Chip! I LOVE all the bands/people! its crazy you should check it out.