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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Member of PETA

Just popping in quickly today to remind all animal lovers out there to renew their memberships, or to join as a member of PETA for this new year, if you already haven't.

(As a member, we received from PETA, this great package at Xmas time with fantastic recipes and this beautiful poignant photograph)

Jonathan and I are members, we have been for a few years now and it's a very crucial cause in the continuing fight for Ethical Treatment of Animals. I know some people don't like or just don't understand PETA. Sometimes their methods are seen as being too extreme...but in this day and age, where most of the population of this earth is desensitized, extreme methods, extreme visuals and extreme action is what is necessary to engage people and to spark change. PETA and it's people work with a strength and courage that people like me just don't have. Aside from talking about animals and ethics, etc once in awhile on my blog, encouraging friends and family through my own daily practices of animal kindness and dedication and perhaps, I finally admit to sometimes 'hissing' at the old ladies who walk past in fur coats! I just don't have the heart strength or vocal power myself to invoke I count on great organizations like PETA. A membership is's helps them continue the please, if you love animals, do your part and join.

Incase you haven't noticed I have included a new section to the sidebar with my favourite links referring to Cruelty-Free companies, which products are and are not cruelty-free and also which companies do and do not test on animals. I have been asked a couple times now, as to where I find such info, so these are the links that I refer to often. When I find others I will add them. I've included this on my blog for everyone's easy convience and I hope it helps.

Thanks for listening....and perhaps considering. Be Well and until the next post Happy Creating.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

PETA is extreme at times, but it seems to be the only way to snap humans from the daze they walk around in.

My philosophy in life, if you didn't kill it, you have no business eating it.