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Monday, March 9, 2009

10 More Things You May Not Know About Me...

1 . I would someday like to live in places like; Seattle, London, Cuba, New York, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Bali and San Francisco for atleast a month each.
2. I dream of using my art to work extensively with an animal advocacy group/s.
3. I am slightly obsessed with reading historical fiction...especially stories about queens and kings and royalty. I just finished "Shadows of the Sun" and have to 'officially' add it to my 'favourites' pile.
4. I must have atleast 3 spoons of sugar in any of my black teas or coffee and lots of cream, otherwise I just don't enjoy it at all! I get my sweet tooth from my dad. 5. I have horrible luck with my teeth...Apparently my favourite pastime as a kid and young adult of sucking on lemons wasn't a good thing!
6. I love ashtanga and hatha yoga and pilates.
7. I relax and de-stress by running on my treadmill.
8. I am hyper yet calm at the same time, very ultra sensitive to almost everything but espeacially towards animals, and I am usually stressing about 20 things all at once! It's the magic that is me!
9. When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a mountain rescue or water rescue person...but as I grew older I realized I get to sucky and grouchy when I get super cold for too long! and I am not at all a strong swimmer..I hated all of my swimming classes, sigh so alas some dreams must fade!
10. My biggest dream is to one day successfully operate my full time studio in the middle of a huge and happy rabbit sanctuary...recusing rabbits from testing labs, etc...where my studio and work is the primary source to operate the rabbit sanctuary...that's my biggest heart of heart hope and dream (how this will work with #1, I am not quite sure of yet!).

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Jonathan said...

I knew all that ;-)

I really like the picture...very soleful.