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Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Art & Ghosts Print From My Honey

So a few weeks ago, whiles browsing about my favourite Etsy shops, I ventured into "Art & Ghosts" shop and saw this print that I freaked out over and just had to have! Well, okay...ha ha, I freak out over alot of stuff and 'feel' like I just have to have it but often I of course don't end up with it. But in this case I did! I haven't framed it yet but I adore it so much... I am usually not so crazy about computer generated imagery but this image just so perfectly and beautifully speaks to me. It captures an essence of my life and my soul both of which are filled with rabbits, both of which nurture them and in return are nurtured by them. My relationship with rabbits is a very symbiotic one (in my own sense) and this image is the very first image I've ever seen that struck my heart chords because it so perfectly illustrates this very intense, personal and unique relationship of mine to lagomorphs. A friend even commented that the girl in the picture looks like an Elizabethan version of me. I could go on and on about all the little things in this illustration and how I see them as being related to me and the rabbits...but I'll stop here and just say I LOVE it, I LOVE it, I LOVE it and thanks Jonathan for buying it for me and thanks to Louise for making it.

Aside from the print we bought, this other little beauty was given to us as an extra treat, which I so appreciated and love because it was, serendipitously, the other print of hers that I was looking at getting. It fits perfectly into one of our dining room frames and there it now happily lives and delights all viewers.

Now when oh when will other artists start falling in love with my prints and just 'have to have it'!...sigh.... I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow or not....I am feeling somewhat of a slave to this blog lately and think I must back off ever so slightly...I am just always so excited to show you all my new work, etc but alas it does take time away from other things I should be doing right now, such as concentrating on new Nubbins. So let's say that I'll see all again here next Monday or Tuesday...until then, be well, be joyful and be inspired...whether it be through your own art or someone else's.


Jonathan said...

Bijou, I can understand you wanting to backoff from your blog. Although you do have good readership, it's unfortunate that more people don't feel compelled to comment. Espcially considering the care and thought you put into your posts. I know if it were me, I'd probaly think about closing it out.

That said, i really like you print also. An excellent addition to our rabbit art collection.

jen said...

wow, i have never seen that first art & ghosts print - it's amazing! i see why you freaked out over it.