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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Third Knitted Hat

I just had to show you all my third hat's my favourite so far and so cozy and comfy as I used a super soft chunky wool. I intended to do it all in black but I ran out of black! so I thought okay 'let's put some brown in and make it work somehow...' so I finished it off in the light brown and than decided to add the two weaved lines around the black band and than remembered I had recently gotten some cool buttons, so I sewed them on and voila...a new hat.
I am a really tight knitter though because you can often hear my needles and/or wool making a screech or scrap like sound, ha my hands need a break for abit I's been fun to dive into a completely different medium for a bit...I still can't believe I made 3 hats in one week! Though my aching fingers are telling me to believe it!
There is alot to accomplish this week and I feel behind already...the full or almost full moons are keeping me up and bubbling with ideals as usual and the lack of sleep isn't helping me along very much. Though, my dear and oldest pal Lisa and her two beautiful boys are in town visiting this week and I am so happy to be able to spend time with them. It'll be a busy week and though I have much cooking, I am only popping in today to show you my newest hat from last week.
Just as a Heads Up, I think I'll be doing a 'Giveaway' quite soon, March 6th marked the one year anniversary of my keeping this blog and I think though abit late, that deserves a celebration of keep tuning in for that...Bye for Now and Happy Creating.


Judit Gueth said...

You're definitely on a roll! :-) Really cute pics! :-) said...

out visiting tonight ...
cut knitted caps...
love to knit tooooo..
have a great weekend
mona & the gaffer girls

Jonathan said...

Your hats are simply Fabulous!