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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Hat & Roo

Because our handsome Roo was not feeling well this week, I've spent alot of time at home yet away from my work and studio. With Roo not being well we've had worry and stress, long nights and little sleep and on top of that because of the crazy weather I've had a persistent and annoying week long headache, so I guess my mind just wasn't 100% on my work. So I don't have any new images to show you but I did make another knitted hat, ha ha... This one in a reddish orange colour. After I finished it I weaved a fluffy pure white wool through the bottom half and ended up really happy with it. This one turned out better than the first as I altered the pattern abit. and because I've been mentioning Roo, I thought I'd show one of my recent favourite photos of's kinda washed out and grainy but there's something about it that's warm and nostalgic and I love it. He's doing much better today...the tummy 'sludge' and bladder infection are slowly clearing and he's looking more like his normal self...hopefully he'll be 100% in another day or so.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

I am very impressed. You're hats are turning out, right out of the gate. Well done.