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Monday, March 2, 2009

New Painting 'Avian 4" & Birthday Wishes

As promised last week, I have a new painting to show you. The 4th little painting on wood in my Avian series.

I am very pleased with it and they are all looking so lovely together. The golds and silvers in the paintings come through abit more in the scans than in these photographs. I will put the originals up for sale shortly after the whole series is complete. Whether it will be on my new website, at my Etsy shop or somewhere else, I've still yet to determine.

Today is a speacil's my dad's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, my big and strong dad is 58 years young. We'll be seeing you later on this evening dad...

Thanks for stopping in and until tomorrow, by joyful, be inspired and be creative.


Judit Gueth said...

You'll have to take a picture of all of them together! I can't wait to see the whole effect!

Jonathan said...

You dad's b-day party was really nice. A good time for all, especialy when the German liquor came out ;-)