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Monday, April 27, 2009

Back From Toronto

(a view from the road and our rented Jeep)
It was such a treat last week to spend 2 days in Toronto: It was blissful and wonderful to see and spend time with my best friend, to catch up, to laugh , to inspire and support in person, to chat over breakfast and later a delicious homemade Indian inspired meal, to share cups of coffee and tea, to sit and giggle over gifts being exchanged, to bird watch and garden make chocolate coconut squares together and than devour them side by was a good good cozy time with my dear dear friend. It was lovely to relax in a warm swirling whirlpool for a spell... It was brilliant to have a change of scenery, to enjoy the hum, buzz and busy-ness of city be back to the city where we lived, grew, struggled and created lifelong memories for 5 years. And let me not be shy about how fun it was to shop...cause of course a girls gotta shop for goodies when she goes to the big city.
This cute as pie folio which will be perfect for when I want to drag my smaller work around in style...and for a whomping 6 whole dollars! well I just couldn't resist.
Jonathan never lets me leave the city without a thorough walk about in Chapters...and of course, I found some titles to add to my even expanding library...
I also couldn't resist this adorable finger puppet book/story for my niece Karly...I hope she likes it!
...and a girls gotta get her precious and delicious art supplies whiles in the big city...oodles of coloured pencil, new gum erasers, illustration boards, Stonehenge paper, well what can I say but that they warm and inspire my creative soul...
and lastly a girls gotta have new tea....a good selection is best..Chocolate Chai, Chocolate Berry, Raspberry Earl Grey, Tropical and Peppermint Greens...Yummmm, they will be warm and sweet and well enjoyed, especially when I get to hunker down and share a cup with my handsome guy...
Yep, it was a much needed mini vacation and spirit refill and now I am back home, refreshed, happy to be back and spoiled indeed! Till next time...have a warm cup of tea and be well.


Jenn said...

What a nice haul! And happy homecoming to the girls!

Julie said...

Im such a sucker for tea...Im jealous.
We have to get together soon.


Jonathan said...

It was a great trip...soon to be repeated.

I'm glad we stopped at the health store, that Earl Grey tea is very nice.