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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cruddy Brown to Beautiful Blue and New

So last Saturday was a day where people could put out unwanted items at their curb sides and anyone else could take the stuff for free....Our neighbours put their items the night before which included an old ugly shelf....and of course I saw the shelf and started obsessing that I just had to have it! I just couldn't get to sleep, I kept imagining it in this certain blue and than I was convinced that someone would surely nab the shelf before we were even up the next my sweet Jonathan, went outside in the middle of the night and brought it in for me... The next day I ran to get a can of paint in the colour I had envisioned in my head....and with a couple hours painting time, an old ugly brown shelf....

...became a beautiful refreshed blue shelf that fits in so nicely in our living room...I am so pleased and it again goes to prove that someone else's trash can indeed often be someone else's new treasure.

Until next time, Be Well and Happy Creating.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Cruddy brown or beautiful blue...that shelf still weighs a frigging ton.