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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The First New 2009 Art Cards

Hi Everyone, I was having such a great week, really productive etc and than WHAM, a migraine knocked me outta the game for a full 24 hours...well the day wasn't a total lose I guess! I wrestled with the thrashing as long as I could to atleast get dinner into the crock pot, catch up on laundry, snuggle the bunnies and make a small batch of cards for a local store before heading back to the darkened bedroom and my trusty ice and heat packs! I did also manage to quickly take a photo of the cards...The first batch of new cards for 2009. I am so excited, I haven't made cards in awhile and I oh so love to. Seeing my imagery on my own cards just makes me want to draw and create even more. What do you think of them?

And with the expertise and help of my lovely honey & graphic/computer support, ha ha, the cards even got a graphic refresh on the backs making them much sleeker and just more '2009-ish' so I am extra happy with them (Thanks Babe). I promise to give a heads up of where and when they will be available to purchase as soon as I get that figured out...I am considering trying other venues since Etsy isn't working so well for me (I can't believe I've been on there for over a year now!) and well my new website will be ready soon, so they will defiantly be available for order there atleast! Now, back to the tending of my little pounding head...Be Well everyone and see you tommororw.


Judit Gueth said...

They look great! My favourites are the Pink Jinny cards, the Amaryllis Bird and Bothi the Elephant! :-)

Jonathan said...

It was a bit of work, but I like the new card you said, it's sleeker, and ties into the new website design also...

(Jonathan then thinks to himself, man, we are so close, I need to finish it)