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Friday, April 10, 2009

"The Forest Lover" & Musings

I just finished reading 'The Forest Lover" by Susan Vreeland and though I can't dub it as a favourite book by far, I am still defiantly glad I read it. I had to constantly remind myself that this was a fictional work about Canadian artist Emily Carr and not a documentary by any means. And in wanting to know more about Emily Carr and wanting certain parts to be real when I knew they weren't, caused it to loose abit of it's magic for me, alas tis' the game with this sort of literature... But, I did oh so love these two paragraphs from the book, they just really struck me...

"to go to my grave without knowing whether it was lack of talent or lack of perseverance that failed me, without feeling that I'd probed deeply, without sucking out the joy of hearty work, that would be self-inflicted pain I could never forgive myself for."

Don't all artist stop to ponder their productivity and their course and their true desire to succeed?...and to succeed at what and at what cost? Isn't every artist hardest on themselves?...I know I am my harshest critic of my own work and life. It was interesting to think of a woman, who was such a huge artistic movement all on her lonesome, was inflicted with self-doubt and self-inquiries as well. Though in her defense she didn't really start to 'succeed' in the art world until her 50's. To continue with ones artwork despite big 'successes' must be admired I think and am currently experiencing, ha ha.

I also loved this paragraph...

"...she wondered if Lawren (of the group of seven) ever yearned for compliments. Maybe it was the nature of artists to crave praise. Something had to feed the inner person for the lifetime of labor of bringing a person's work to maturity. The trick was to keep praise from hurting that work, and the keep seeking."

All artists need praise, which is one reason I always make time to 'comment' on blog posts etc, that inspire me and that I find beautiful. I found it interested that as tough as Emily Carr was, she too seeked it and needed it, it's too easy to forget that everyone needs praise, and not just once in awhile but often. Just last week, hearing myself described in a write up as "a well respected local artist..." was indeed head inflating and delicious. Think of those poor souls stuck in 9-5ish 'normal' jobs...perhaps they need even more praise?...because atleast we, 'the artists', 'the creatives', get to let our inner thoughts and inner lives spring forth for not only our own selves and satisfaction, but for the thrill of having others glimpse into our worlds...what about the souls who don't have this facet, can you imagine?...Well I think they deserve coo dos for standing upright and going forth with all things 'bottled up' and for surviving the normal, 9-5ish sludge.

Those are my randoms thoughts on this blissful Friday afternoon anyhow, ha ha...which I think has some old black and white movies are calling to me. Have a wonderful weekend all and take time to hug your honey, to praise your loved ones, to offer up honest & kind compliments, take time to curl up with a good drink a cup of something warm and sweet...take extra time to let your furries know you love em...tend to your hearts and souls and bodies and minds...Until Monday, Be Well.

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Jonathan said...

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