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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am doing it again! - The Paddle Project 2009

I guess my self-acclimation of giving myself a break from donating work till 2010 falls short when I somewhat quickly said 'Yes' when asked if I would be a contributing artist for the WKP Kennedy Gallery's 2009 Paddle Project! So yes, I will be an artist for the unique exhibition this June 2009 called "The Paddle Project"... How could I not! Since Dennis Geden and I were the creators and conjurer's of the very first and hugely successful Paddle Project, during my time as Gallery Coordinator at the WKP Kennedy Gallery. It just felt odd to not be part of something that I helped nurture and create and I just honestly didn't like the ideal of this 2nd incarnation coming and going without my involvement in some way! plus, I was pleased to be asked to be an artist...last time my paddle was one of the first ones picked and that's always abit of a high for any artist involved in an auction style exhibition.

Here is a little montage of the last paddle project, (which I believe was in either 2001 or 2002)...being coordinator had it's advantages of course and I was able to involve my talented brother (pictured below with moi) and my own creative honey (not pictured here, but whose paddle I ended up purchasing, and which now hangs in our living room). My paddle was done in coloured pencil with securely attached flower beads working their way through the mermaids hair and up the whole paddle shaft (I wish I had taken better documentation of my creation however, these were the best photos I could find!) Creating the paddle was fun and exciting, though time-consuming and I am happy to be part of it again.

I plan to pick up my blank paddle from the Gallery sometime this week and I'll share with you my 2nd paddle creation once I've completed it, already my brain is whirling with ideals, yet I think a 2nd mermaid of some form is calling the strongest at the moment. My mind is just buzzing with new illustrations and ideas that want to come out...time seems so short...early mornings are a must...but oh I am soooo not a morning person! These early mornings are something I ultimately love but which I have a real struggle with in making routine! Until tomorrow where I share a special evening with you all....thanks for taking the time to join me here I am off to tend to my sore little head.


Julie said...

I'm already done my paddle slow poke!

Ok, I Lie! but its all planed out and shouldn't take me to long.
I'm a different sort of artist than you Mander.

Jonathan said...

The original paddle project was a blast. This time it seems there are a lot of participants (80+?). Hope that works in it's favour, and doesn't dilute the event...