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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Here...It's Here...The Carpet is here.

Following up from the last post...I also came home from Toronto with a hugely fantastic present from my best friend, of her carpets!....Check it out... Finally, ha ha...Judit told me months ago that she was giving me this carpet and Jonathan will vouch that I've since then been drooling in anticipation to bring it home...alas it's here and it is simply beautiful and just perfect for our downstairs den. Thank you Thank you Thank you Judit, we love it and I am so so proud to have one of your creations in our home:D Click here to see Judits carpets, etc... Be Well All and Happy Creating.


Judit said...

You're welcome! :-) Looks great with the table for sure!

Jonathan said...

It is a marvelous piece for the den that is for sure. The black and white go great!!!