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Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Illustration "Black Cherry"

To get right down to honesty...April has not been a good month for me and my notorious headaches and migraines, especially the last couple of days, so please excuse this short post and the fact that this images is not perhaps pieced together properly 100%, photo shop and my scanner seemed to be picking a fight with me today! Needless to say I am feeling abit frustrated because there is so much I want to do and I just can't fully accomplish anything right now it seems...not when I am constantly running for my ice and heat packs every hour on the hour, sigh...but it's just a bad week and I feel the need to complain abit! bear with me. This new image is called "Black Cherry" and it's story is a very personal one, however I like to leave it up to the viewers to bring their own stories to it...if you want to share what you see in it please do. I am always interested in hearing what people think and how closely it aligns to my own ideals. Also a quick note about the Seal Hunt...if you haven't already noticed, I put on the blogs sidebar, right at the top, the petition forms where you can all sign to support the Harb ..please do take a couple minutes to sign if you already haven't...Jonathan and I have been in debate/discussion with a few politicians and I will share those correspondences soon, and I've also begun to collect signatures from local people since doing so by this blog just doesn't quite feel like enough. You can get your own printable signature petition forms right here if you interested. Tomorrow's post is already done, just in case this headache does not go please do join me here again tomorrow, where I discuss a recent artistic read. I'll miss my weekly visit with my sweet mom and sweet pup today, but our beloved red beast of 13 years is in the shop and what can I say, I am not much of a bus gal if I can help it! (5 years of Toronto buses and subways will do that to you, ha ha), but that's means a full day in the studio (if the head pain is reasonable!) and that's never ever something that I complain about. My brain is buzzing with ideas and my heart is excited about new projects and drawings I've been working on...mmmm maybe that's why my brain is sore! it can't handle all the creativity...ha ha just kidding, I know that's not it...I am pretty sure it's the barometric pressure doing it's fancy jig and bouncing up and down constantly! Enough about headaches...Wishing you all well, with pain free bodies and happy creativity.


Judit Gueth said...

She's beautiful! I think I know your thoughts behind the images. You definitely put a lot of hidden meaning into your work. Wow!

Jonathan said...

Friggin migraines and headaches!