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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Illustration "Egglantine"

Alittle bit late but better late than newest illustration "Egglantine"... I know I'll surprise a few by creating a Easter image with no rabbits in sight, ha ha... I had so much fun creating this drawing and colouring it in...I hope you love it too, despite the fact that it's abit late for Easter! The scroll will say "Happy Easter"and the scan needs to be redone, I am having such a hard time piecing my works together lately...but I was really anxious to show you all because this sweet little wee image of mine brightens my day and I hope it does so to yours as well. Happy Belated Easter all. (Prints may not be available till next Easter season, I've yet to decide).


Judit Gueth said...

Cute illustration! :-) Beautiful colours!

Jonathan said...

Can't have rabbits in every picture ;-)

I like the tone of this image that using a coloured paper created. Cool stuff...