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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pink Jinny Necklace in the Shop

Just popping in quickly to let you all know that I've just listed this lovely Pink Jinny necklace in my Etsy Shop, handmade by moi with care and love.
Please do keep in mind that since my necklaces are handmade they are also one of a kind usually, as I don't too often seek out the exact same beads and repeat the exact same if your looking for something with whimsy, good energies and something that's fun and well made, this might be for you.
We're off into another spectacular weekend, last week included a wonderful and sunny and blissfully full and relaxing 4 days off with my honey, a fun day of shopping in Sudbury and a viewing of the excellent and amazing Imax film 'Sea Monsters 3D', oh it was soooo thrilling. I hope this weekend brings good things again. Be Well and see you next week.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Hopefully some more 3D movies with hit the IMAX soon. The trip up north was fun.

Also, Pink Jinny makes a nice necklace.