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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fight Against Proposed Quarry

There is a lovely little place that we love to frequent called 'The Piebird Bed and Breakfast', it's a wonderful 100 year old home run by two wonderful people, Yan and Sherry in a wonderful and lovely little township called Nipissing...this township has had the blessing of a natural spring of living water located on the Nipissing Ridge. This water source is not only enjoyed by locals and people who come from further away to fill up pails and buckets but it is also a water source for many species of spawning fish and nesting eagles...this lovely water source is being threatened by a proposed quarry...I feel like I must add my voice to the fight to keep this beautiful water source as it is...and I voice that the quarry not go where it is proposed but somewhere else where it won't affect the water source, or the people and wildlife who rely on this water source...

So for any of your local readers out there, please visit this website for more info on how you can help

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

It's always something eh? Friggin government is more usless then words can describe.