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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Great Long Weekend

I think the Victoria Day long weekend was a lovely and successful one. Coming from Toronto all day Thursday and most of Friday, we still had 3 days off together and that felt great. It was full goodness such as...old movies like 'The Little Princess' with Shirley Temple...the excellent season finale of 'Lost'...Lots of sleeping in...Some reading, but not quite enough of that, but then is there ever enough time for that!...Lots of rabbit romping outside...Visits with family...Lots of sun and lots of rain...Drawing time...Good Food, as usual of course ha ha...Some garage cleaning in preparation for a busy few weeks ahead of frame making!...The planting of about 15 new trees!...and some was a good weekend...

Now I approach a busy busy week, I think the next couple will be abit too busy and I am honestly feeling abit anxious about a new venture I am about to embark upon (more news on that very soon!) but I am telling myself it's a 'step forward' or at least a step towards trying and that's the most important thing right! never be always keep trying regardless of the I enter this week with a positive attitude and trust in my decisions and hope that I am taking the right steps in trying! Wish me luck....and see you again here soon.

P.S. Thanks so much to the few new people who have been leaving comments for me, I can't tell you how giddy I get when a new positive comment appears, it's like a mini-xmas treat:D.

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Jonathan said...

It was a great's to a few more coming our way!!