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Friday, May 22, 2009

Letting Go of the Excess...Life Is Good

I've decided to let go of all the stress I've been carrying around the past couple of weeks...I'll do what I can and be comfortable with that because it's all I can do...If I am abit behind schedule it's not the end of the world...I am going to let go of my worry and replace that with a positive outlook and approach...I'll do my best...and leave the rest up to fate...because ultimately in the grand scheme of things what's really sooo important to get so worked up over!? certainly not the purchasing of matts, the hanging of a show or new carving blocks not working as one expected!...taking these lovely photos the other night of my little family reminded me of all this...
...ahh the power of a simple photograph catching a precious moment in time... Wishing you all courage and strength to let go of the excess stresses and see what's most important and precious. Until Next Post...Be Well and Be Happy.


Julie said...

Im so Glad you are letting go. Maybe I'll see more of you if you aren't worrying so much about little things that will figure themselves out.
You only live once don't waste it worrying about all the stuff you HAVE to do when Im sure there's plenty of other stuff you just WANT to do instead.

Just take it easy and I bet the head will feel better as well as your nerves.

Jonathan said...

I like the picture with Hazel and the icecream I was holding....

A good day is holding a black bunny and eating a bowl of strawberry icecream :-)