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Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Illustration "Spring Soul"

I am so content with this newest illustration of mine, which is funny because half way through I almost gave up on it! Now it's one of my favourite new illustrations in my studio...funny how things work out. It is done in coloured pencil on illustration board and the original measures 10" x 14", however I am hanging onto the original right now for an exciting new venture of mine...which I'll share soon.

You can however get beautiful archival prints of it here in my shop. Enjoy.

I also 'renewed' abunch of older images that had expired in The Shop...I hope those are enjoyed as well...I wasn't going to renew anything that didn't sell in the first round, but that's not exactly fair to my images...they deserve another shot to sell as prints I decided.

Until next time...Be Well and Happy Creating.


Julie said...

I wish we got these instead of Shadflys

Jonathan said...

Another beautiful image by Bijou.

Sally Taylor's Art Class said...

This is quite lovely.

Sally Taylor said...

This is really quite lovely.

translucentblue said...

A winged little bunny! How original. (^_^)