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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Critters

I am stuck inside and can't work outside today because of a chilly and rainy day...and I am finding that I am missing my furry little yard cohorts...Jonathan jokes that we go through a small fortune every month in peanuts and seeds to feed everybody who frequents our yard...let's see currently there is; Rudy, Toot, Schmoot, Chapman, Twitter...and another baby red squirrel, black squirrel and chipmunk, 3 pigeons and 2 sterling black birds's a busy yard... though I am always hoping for the groundhog who took refuge under our front porch last year to come back...and maybe a few wild bunnies living safely in the back portion of the yard would be nice!... ha ha...
...Today I am just thinking that it's very 'cool' how I never feel lonely out there in the yard by myself, because I am far from alone...not with all those critters running around, not to mention the 4 furries running around and munching our gardens bare, who actually do live in the house with us...though sometimes the 'others' (yes indeed, I am a big 'Lost' fan, ha ha) think they should live inside! Just the other day I was laying on my belly on the floor with Hazel and Jinny, we were all just chillin together, when I suddenly feel something jump onto my calves, run up my thighs and jump and sit momentarily on my back! was Toot, one of the baby red squirrels, knowing me if it really did want to move in I'd make the appropriate accommodations!... Anyhow, I didn't want to leave everyone high and dry, as I know I am usually disappointed when I visit my usual blogs and they haven't been updated for days...I am very busy with new works, most stuff is admittedly NOT going smoothly, but luckily I have Jonathan to help me and constantly say ''s okay...' and a dad who pops over despite being exhausted to help with a chop saw that's gone all wonky just when frames are desperately needed...and a mom who gladly drives all the way over at the drop of a hat to drive us to Canadian Tire because in the middle of Jonathan changing the brake pads, a much needed socket wrench decided to break! It's been abit of a tiring week with more going array than as planned..
BUT until I am ready to unveil my latest projects, some new prints are coming up soon for the shop...and also I figured it was about time for a tour of my downstairs studio (the upstairs one is currently undergoing redecoration!...tune in soon for those posts...I am off into the chill and wet to mail a piece off to's so exciting to think someone WAYYY over 'there' wants my work:D YAHOO:D

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Jonathan said...

The yard is a busy one...that's for sure. Rudy was with me last night in the garage as I worked on your picture frames.

Definately thanks to your mom for the lift. I didn't realized I was becoming soooooo strong that I could snap a 3\8" socket driver (que the he-man music)