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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Art On Main Display

It took me about 4 hours to get my display put up at the store on Tuesday and I am quite happy with it. There are a few final touches such as proper tags, adding some Nubbins in the next few days and finding a way to balance the right hand side abit better with the left, I think I'll do something with my necklaces in this section. I plan to change the cards around monthly, bring new imagery in etc but the majority of the display will only change every two months...and I already have ideas for new works to bring in so I don't think that will be a problem, ha ha.

I am happy to have Michael Matthieu a great wood carver to the right of me, Pat Stamp's pottery to the left of me and directly across from my space is the young and talented photographer Jacob Dezan, whom I had the pleasure of meeting just today actually...these are just to mention a few...the store is packed with talent and beautiful things.

I'll show you my display as it grows and changes, I think documenting it will be fun and I am already wondering how it will change and grow over the next year.

Here is the rest of the store and it's talent...

Well that's about all for now. I am really looking forward to getting the remaining things finished up for the display this week and getting back into my studio and to some pictures...I feel like I haven't drawn or coloured or painted for ages and my fingers are itching to get to it.


Judit Gueth said...

It looks really good! :-)

Jonathan said...

Your space looks great. The work you put into setting it up has definately paid off.

Now you have a studio away from the home...

Michelle LaRiviere said...

Wow, Mandy!

This Blog looks fabulous! Your work looks so good, and you make Art on Main look so good! Glad your with us!