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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Libby-Loo...My First Stuffie

So I've been wanting to try making 'stuffies' for some time now. Actually way before they were even a hot commodity on sites such as Etsy. Than I saw them all over the handmade indie online shops and I didn't want others to think I was following suit or copying, etc...But finally I thought 'Enough, if you wanna make stuffies, than make some because they will turn out differently than anyone elses anyhow...". So during my last AOM shift, I worked out my pattern, cut the material from an old skirt and mans dress shirt, already had the face and belly image painted from months prior...and alas over this past weekend and Monday morning my first stuffie was born...Her name is Libby-Loo, and she is a 'Lagamorph Lovelie'. She sits at 13" and from feet to tip of ears is 22"...she's going to be great company as she sits sweetly and serenely on my studio couch...inspiring me and propelling me towards better versions.
...She is just a prototype for myself...the next doll will hopefully be worthy of being adopted into someone elses home, I already know what to do differently, what I enjoyed and what was a royal pain in the keep your eyes open if your interested because more of my unique Lagamorph Lovelies are soon to come...if all goes according to plan anyways, ha ha.
What do you think of her?...She was complaining about being alittle chilly and not having any accessories so I crocheted for her her very own little itty bitty scarf and though it doesn't match 100%, I thought it added to her charm...and cause I never quite match either.
Today is the perfect day for a day in the studio, with the jazz blasting, my prop fans on high and the occasional jaunt up the stairs for some bunny snuggles, who are all currently very unhappy with not being able to go outside due to the heat wave...Happy Creative Day it shall be...

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

I like your first ever Stuffy! She's great!!