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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Virtual Labs On Etsy

In the past week, thanks to the Modish Blog, I've been 'attending' some virtual labs over at Etsy and I must say I am soooo enjoying them. The smaller classes are nice because you can really strike up some good convos and meet new people. I've yet to really take advantage of the Etsy community and forums but I think I am going to start leaning more that way than the way of Facebook etc...that's the plan anyhow.

Anyhow, it completely made my day when I logged into the 3rd of 4 labs I participated in this past week and 2 other attendees liked my work so much that instead of advertising/posting their own item images, they picked two of mine....I was so excited I had to get a screen capture, ha ha...what can I say, it's the little things in life...

In other news, I've been having a rough past few days with head pain. I did go a fantastic and enjoyable 13 days straight with no head pain whatsoever but then the weather decided to bounce all around and the past 6 days have been no leaves me feeling very irritated and somewhat frustrated because it really slows me down and mostly it just makes me very very tired...hence the lack of posts and posted work this week:C So tonight we are taking it easy and will kick back and watch our favourite show "So you think you can dance'.

Otherwise though, I did have my very first studio/working shift at the Art On Main gallery/store today and I had such a great and positive time....I am really looking forward to this new little venture of mine and I foresee nothing but good things coming from it over the next year. Even the walk to grab a croissant and coffee before heading into work seemed like such a treat, just to be out of the studio/house and amongst the bustle of everyone's the little things...but I must say that coming back home after a few hours to the bunny babies was lovely as well.

Okay, so I'll be back on Sunday, to do a special Fathers Day post for my dad, about his wonderful woodwork...cause yeppers, my dad is a creative soul as well...until then, be well and thanks for your time.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Glad you are enjoying the labs. Its a really cool idea and Etsy has implimented it nicely.

Wish we had something that slick here at work.